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custom silicone mold making service

small series production of individual silicone components and molds

At mb prototyping Ltd., we specialize in crafting custom molds tailored to your exact specifications for various applications. We offer a wide range of silicone materials, sourced from North America and the EU to ensure the highest quality results. 

Our silicone materials include: 

  • Food grade platinum silicones (FDA compliant)

  • Silicones for soap production

  • Temperature-resistant silicones for high temperature applications

  • Molds and casting tools for technical resins such as epoxies and polyurethanes

  • Thermal and electrical insulating silicones


Our process

To ensure precise guidance, we require specific details about your product's size, shape, dimensions, quantities, and intended use. Providing boundary conditions and external dimensions from the outset is beneficial.

If you possess a 3D model, kindly share it in STEP format. If not, we're more than happy to create one for you, but detailed drawings and sketches are essential for this process. Our CAD designs are crafted using SolidWorks.


Additionally, if you wish to have your logo embossed on parts and molds, please provide a vector file of your logo.

For more information, visit our FAQs or watch our process video below.

Our moulds are 100% designed and produced in Ontario, Canada.

Check out the stock molds in our shop

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custom silicone mold for organic soap bars
maple leaf silicone mold
individual wax candle molds made of silicone
custom shaped mold for food production with FDA approved silicone
custom macaron silicone mold with logo
custom silicone mold made of food compliant material
silicone mold for HappyOceanFoods
lick mat made of silicone rubber
hexagon silicone mold
logo silicone patch for concrete
macaron test mold
butter molds patisserie silicone
custom shaped silicone mold for concrete ornaments
custom silicone logo mold for concrete
IMG_6143 2024-02-13 13_13_50
soap molds
1ml cylinder silicone mold
small series production of silicone sealings
silicon nozzle prototypes
individual patisserie silicone molds
skatewax silicone molds
validation sample made of silicone
cylindrical plates sample mold
custom silicone part for automotive industry
maple leaf tuille mold
individual silicone sealing
silicone logo patch for concrete
pastries silicone mold
Individual ceramic casting silicone molds
silicone tool for technical resin casting
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