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custom part manufacturing and prototyping

We work to make your ideas tangible. 

​If you need a custom-made product, prototype or silicone mold, you've come to the right place. 

In order to realize your idea or requirement, we need a brief description of your idea - and a few essential pieces of information: 

We need to know specifics about the size, shape, dimension and quantities as well as the purpose of your product, so we can advise on appropriate materials. Boundary conditions and external dimensions also always help to get it right from the beginning. 

If you already have a 3D model please provide it in STEP format. If you do not have a 3D model, we are happy to create one for you. We will need detailed drawings and sketches to do so. SolidWorks is the software we use for our CAD Designs. Many customers want to have their logo embossed in their parts and molds. If you do, we ask for a vector file of your logo. 

We manufacture all kinds of custom parts and prototypes using state-of-the art manufacturing techniques:

  • Silicone Product Prototyping

  • 3D Printing

  • Custom Silicone Mold making

  • Small scale Injection Molding 

  • Vaccum Forming and Pressure Forming

  • CNC Machining

Our scope of materials ranges from high performance plastics to metals and silicone rubbers.

Take a look at our examples below and get in touch.

custom silicone prototype adapter

automotive adapter hose

A customer came to us with a 3D model. We validated the model by creating a prototype to test form and function. After optimizing the geometry, we produced a small series for broader trials. All tests were successful. Now, this part is in serial production with one of our manufacturing partners.

individual silicone cover

switch cover for robotic cars

Our customer had a specific problem with open switches and electronics on robotic cars. We designed the model and validated it with a prototype. Finally, we produced a small series (100-500 pieces) of the switch covers. 

lsr injection molded silicone parts

encapsulation casting tool

Our customer needed a silicone tool to help in production of encapsulation castings of li-ion batteries. The 3D model was provided by the customer. We created the prototypes, adjusted the geometries and created the second batch of prototypes. After testing the second batch, this part is now in serial production with on of our manufacturing partners. 

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