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FAQ - custom silicone molds

Are your silicone molds food safe?

Yes, they are. We only use highest quality platinum silicone materials for your food applications.

However, some special silicones used for aggressive resins or applications which exceed 230°C/450°F are not food safe.

What do you need to know to get started?

Please share the shape and dimensions of your designated silicone mold with us. A brief napkin sketch might come in handy.

Can you provide a 3d model? Perfect! STEP format works best for us, STL might work as well.

How many molds do you need? In case of multi cavity molds, the overall number of cavities is most important.

Based on this, we will determine the cheapest mold tray size for your application.

How does your pricing work?

Since all our molds are custom-shaped prototypes, we charge an upfront fee for the design and manufacturing of a tool, as well as a fee for each mold.

What is your MOQ?

We don't have a MOQ. You need no more then one mold? No problem!

However, please keep the upfront-charges for each individual design in mind.

How long does it take until I receive my molds?

Usually, we need no more then 1-2 weeks to prepare the first mold for you.

We will send you the first mold for testing and approval, before we proceed with the production.

Shipping time varies depending on your location. We ship from Ontario, Canada.

Why is the number of cavities of such importance?

Say, you want to produce 20 soap bars with your silicone mold in one batch. Producing one mold for 20 soap bars might be quite expensive. 

A 4 cavity mold design, which we produce 5 times for 20 bars of soap might do the job as well but comes with a much lower price tag.

We will always keep this in mind and will offer you the cheapest option.

Which is the Shore A durometer value of your silicone?

We offer a wide variety of different silicone materials along the Shore durometer scale.

Based on your application, we will recommend a suitable silicone based on our experience.

Which applications are your silicones molds suited for?

Our silicone molds are versatile and long lasting high-quality products.
They can be used for food processing applications, soap production, casting of low temperature melting metals, thermal and electrical insulation, as well as to cast technical resins.

Some epoxy and polyester resins tend to be aggressive to materials like silicones. The eligibility has to be determined on a case to case basis.

Do you sell generic silicone molds?

Yes, we have some standard molds for some applications such as soap and gummies production in our shop.

Please let us know if you are interested in other generic silicone molds, which we currently do not sell.
We are always happy to expand our portfolio based on your needs.

Are your silicones temperature resistant?

All our silicones we process are suitable for at least 230°C/450°F. 
For applications that reach beyond that, we have materials in our portfolio that withstand temperatures up to 294°C/560°F.

Which colors do you offer?

Most silicones come in a specific color from our raw material suppliers.
Thus, the color varies based on the material properties.
We can ad color pigments to the mold, however, most of the time it is not viable to do that.

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