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At mb prototyping Ltd., we excel in creating prototypes, custom parts and molds, and support you in ramping up production. When traditional manufacturing methods impose limitations, we leverage our strengths to find innovative solutions.

For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We start by visualizing your ideas through CAD design and then bring them to life using the most suitable production methods. Our support spans the entire product development journey, from concept to the final product and beyond. Our goal is to break free from conventional thinking and discover the perfect process for your unique product.

Designed with SOLIDWORKS Logo

Our CAD designs are created with SolidWorks, ensuring top-notch quality in every project.

Our prototyping services

Our modern prototyping services offer a versatile range of solutions, incorporating cutting-edge approaches such as rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, and mold design.

Custom Parts Sample Selection

custom silicone prototype adapter

automotive adapter hose

A customer came to us with a 3D model. We validated the model by creating a prototype to test form and function. After optimizing the geometry, we produced a small series for broader trials. All tests were successful. Now, this part is in serial production with one of our manufacturing partners.

individual silicone cover

switch cover for robotic cars

Our customer had a specific problem with open switches and electronics on robotic cars. We designed the model and validated it with a prototype. Finally, we produced a small series (100-500 pieces) of the switch covers. 

lsr injection molded silicone parts

encapsulation casting tool

Our customer needed a silicone tool to help in production of encapsulation castings of li-ion batteries. The 3D model was provided by the customer. We created the prototypes, adjusted the geometries and created the second batch of prototypes. After testing the second batch, this part is now in serial production with on of our manufacturing partners. 

lick mat silicone prototype
3d printed measuring caliper
custom silicone nozzles
custom silicone bumper
3d printed spare parts
3d printed nozzles
transparent silicone lid
3d printed handles
custom pcb
3d printed medals
FPV racing drone
custom silicone mold
Custom FPV Drone Frame
silicone ice cube mould
cupcake silicone mold
food container system prototypes
bread baking siliconemold
silicone lid prototype
prototype engraving machine
bottle cap prototype
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